HOTELLa Sala de Camós

La Sala de Camós consists of two adjoining buildings, which cover 700m2. It is surrounded by 1 hectare of terraces, some of them turned into gardens, where you can take a stroll, sunbathe, read or have a cool drink.

There are 8 bedrooms of different sizes, all with fully equipped bathrooms, heating, air conditioning, phone, TV and Internet connection. Three of them are divided into two rooms, ideal for families travelling with children.

Breakfast and dinner are served in the Gothic hall. We offer quality dishes made with local products inspired by a seasonal cuisine.

At the guests’ disposal there is also a reading room with an open fire, also known as “the traveller’s corner”, where you can flick through our collection of books. Our bar cabinet offers a 24-hour service encouraging you to taste a great variety of exotic spirits including selected malt whiskeys, brandy, a glass of Armagnac reserve… or a little “ratafía”, a traditional liquor made from macerated green walnuts.

Your breakfast can be served in the garden; where you can also enjoy your dinner under the stars.

Tradition & Experience

Camós is a small village 2km away from Banyoles with a population of over 700 inhabitants.

During the Medieval period, once the threat of wars lessened, noblemen abandoned their castles to dwell in defences called “salas”. These buildings were characterised by strong stonewalls and a watchtower.

Noble Roots from the 12th century

La Sala de Camós dates from the 12th century. In 1761, a rectory was erected beside it as a lodge-house for priests giving mass in the neighbouring church of Sant Vicenç de Camós. The Romanesque tower of this church still stands high amongst olive trees, resisting the passage of time. This cluster of Medieval buildings has been meticulously restored and today it offers 21st century commodities whilst retaining the charm of the rural world.

Hotel La Sala de Camós is a cosy lodge for the traveller who wants to take time off to rest or explore the lands around, bursting with a rich cultural heritage.